Benjamin Straker

Principal Research Optometrist
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc

Conférence sponsorisée par Johnson & Johnson

In this presentation, Benjamin Straker, a renowned expert in the field of contact lens research, will highlight how contact lens manufacturers can impact comfort and quality of vision for wearers.

He will discuss advances in lens design, materials and manufacturing techniques that have the potential to significantly improve comfort and visual acuity. He will also highlight the importance of custom contact lenses for individual needs and how personalized solutions can optimize wearer satisfaction.



Benjamin Straker is a Principal Research Optometrist at Johnson & Johnson Vision.  Benjamin completed his degree in Optometry at Queensland University of Technology in 2004 and subsequently worked in private practice for several years before transitioning to a career in vision research and medical device development.  His research interests include ocular aberrometry and visual adaptation, psychophysical assessment of vision quality, and clinical evaluation of contact lens performance. 

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